Test Server

Please keep in mind:

  • support service is not provided for the inquiries related to the test server.
  • the content on the test server is on the early stage of development and its final version is subject to change and may not be added to the game.
What is a test server?

Test Server is a separate server where new content, features and game balance changes are put for public tests.

Who can become a tester?

Anybody is welcome to join the test server. Just submit the form to join the test:

How do I know that my application is approved?

Before the test session starts you'll receive an invitation email with an installation guide:

When should I expect an invitation?

As soon as the new test app becomes available you will receive an email with all the instructions. Test schedule is available on WR Facebook test page (posted a day before a test session starts).

I didn't receive an invitation. Why?

If the test has started and you haven't received the invitation, follow these steps:

  • First of all, check the spam folder.
  • You may have entered an email address incorrectly. Please submit the application form again.
What is HockeyApp?

It is a service for organizing public tests.

HockeyApp is empty, how to download a test app?

War Robots test app is available for download only when invitations are . You have to sign in to HockeyApp to download the test build.

I can't install the test app. Why?

Please delete the previous WR test app before installing the current one in order to avoid possible app performance issues. And be sure that you have enough free space on your device.

I see "Untrusted App Developer" error. What is it?

To install the test app you have to allow an installation for apps downloaded from sources other than AppStore or Google Play. Here you can find all the instructions:

When I open the test app I see a countdown screen. What's wrong?

Test server is available only in specific time frames. Schedule may be found on WR Facebook test page.

When is the test server available?

Test server is available only in specific time frames. Schedule may be found on WR Facebook test page.

I've lost my progress on the test server. What happened?

All test accounts are erased after each testing.

How many times do I have to submit feedback?

You can submit feedback as many times as you want.

I didn't get a reward for my feedback. Why?

You need to submit a link to your video from the test server to receive the reward. Rewards are distributed the day after test has finished. 

I can't submit the feedback. Is the form closed?

The feedback form is closed a few hours after the test has finished. Please, fill in the form before the closing.

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