Save and restore game progress

To save your game progress:

    • Save your progress connecting it to your GameCenter (iOS devices) or GooglePlay (Android devices) account;
      • launch the game;
      • go to «Menu»;

      • Press «Connect»;

    • Log in to your account.
  • If you're already logged in to GameCenter/GooglePlay your game progress is automatically saved;
  • GameCenter/GooglePlay supports only one game profile per account.

To restore your game progress:

If the progress is lost, firstly make sure your log in to GameCenter/GooglePlay was successful.

  1. No: log in to GameCenter/GooglePlay and reopen the game.
  2. Yes: you probably logged in to the wrong GameCenter/GooglePlay account. Try to remember the account used when the game was launched for the first time.

If your progress cannot be restored manually please contact us via the in-game support request form.

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