Canyon is an area of an abandoned mining complex located in a rocky desert. There are three possible spawn scenarios.

The arrangement of beacons is symmetrical and provides equal conditions for both teams in the beginning. There are two beacons close to each start point and a central one located in a dry riverbed. This beacon often becomes the centre of warfare.

Canyon provides with three ground levels for combat, so different range weapons and robots are effective on this map.

— Positions for long-range combat are located on the edge of the map with a broad visual field
— Medium robots are mostly effective in the central part of the map having enough cover and space for maneuvering
— The central beacon can be captured both while standing on the bridge and from the riverbed. It is the best place for close combat.

  1. Beacons are located symmetrically, both teams start under equal conditions;
  2. Central beacon can be captured from below without ascending the bridge;
  3. Jump-capable robots will help you reach a position quickly and get to the enemy’s rear;
  4. The map is suitable for all firing ranges;
  5. The map’s outskirts are convenient for sniping, but because of being open they are vulnerable to return fire.

Top view.

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