Clans are available for players of level 15 and above.

To make player search more convenient, each Player gets a unique ID, which is shown in Menu.

Creating a Clan

  • Tap on Clans icon on the main screen

  • Select ‘Create clan’. It will cost 1500 Au

  • Enter Clan name and a short tag

Player who creates the clan becomes its leader.

Clan leader capabilities:

  • Edit clan name, motto and tag;
  • Invite and dismiss clan members;
  • Appoint officers (officers can change clan motto, invite or dismiss members and appoint new officers);
  • Disband the clan.

Inviting players to your Clan

The maximum number of clan members is 36. There are several ways to invite new players:

  • Through ‘Clans’ menu on ‘Search Pilot’ tab;

  • Through post-combat screen;

Joining a Clan

  • Tap Clans icon on the main screen;
  • Enter Clan name or ID or apply to one from rating list.

Clan chat

Clans are given chat option to communicate and discuss their strategies. You can open chat window from the main screen, ‘Clans’ menu and ‘Squad battle’ menu.

Clan rating

This tab shows top 100 clans recent activity rating. Rating position is received through gaining activity points during the previous week by all clan members. The positions are updated every week.


To start battle with your clanmates, go back to the main screen and select ‘Squad battle’.

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