Workshop helps you produce Workshop Points (WP) required for purchasing next generation robots and weapons:

Workshop becomes available upon reaching level 20:

To start the production you will need 40 000 Ag. Press ‘Start’:

Each production takes 4 hours to complete. You can receive 85 WP on completion. Tap on ‘Get’:

Every action in the Workshop adds experience towards its next level. When the Workshop reaches the level displayed on the production slots they open up:

Press ‘Start’ on each slot to create a production queue:

When one production is over, another one starts. You can visit Workshop before the last production is complete to get WP and prolong the queue production slots. You will receive a notification on your device when all productions in the queue are complete

While gaining Workshop experience you will be getting additional WP for passing the designated milestones:

Once a day you can get 40 WP for free by pressing the button on the right:

Free WP giveaways become available at 4:00 am local time.

Further pressing the button lets you exchange Au (Gold) for WP. The amount of daily exchangable WP is limited.

You can also receive WP by completing Tasks.

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