Daily tasks are available for players, who have reached level 5:

— Players receive two new tasks per day;
— Maximum number of tasks available at the same time is 5;
— Tasks stay on the list until replacement or reward on completion;
— If player has 4 incomplete missions, they will only receive one task;
— The overall number of tasks is 200.

Task types

— Damage dealing

These tasks involve dealing a certain amount of damage to the enemy robots.

— Headhunting
Tasks aimed at scoring a certain amount of kills.

— Area dominance
These tasks involve capturing or liberating a certain amount of beacons.

— Advanced Piloting
Tasks aimed at scoring top 3 in certain number of winning battles in a row.

— WP tasks
Workshop Points tasks appear randomly instead of one of daily tasks. The following tasks are available:

  1. Destroy 40 robots;
  2. Capture 40 beacons;
  3. Liberate 30 beacons;
  4. Deal 5,000,000 damage;
  5. Enter top 3 in 15 winning battles.

Each WP task will give you 150 WP on completion.

Tap on ‘Get’:

Replacement points

You can replace tasks with other ones by using replacement points. Each player receives 2 replacement points a day. It is the maximum number of points one can have at the same time.

Each additional replacement requires 15 gold:


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