Dead City

Dead City depicts the ruins of a city devastated by nuclear war.

The map is fully symmetrical and gives both teams equal opportunities at the start. It contains areas suitable for engaging enemies at any desired range. For instance, city streets are suitable for medium and close range, and there are dedicated long-range shooting spots for sniping and artillery located near the respawn points. Robots capable of jumping are able to reach the roof of any building on the map.

The map is designed for heated fights and constant maneuvering, and is conducive to both offensive and defensive strategies.


  1. Beacons are arranged symmetrically. You can attempt to guess the enemy team’s actions and do the opposite thing;
  2. The central beacon is located in a hollow. Use the landscape profile as your cover;
  3. Add a jump-capable robot to your Hangar. It would enable you to engage enemies from high ground or quickly get into their rear area and engage their snipers and artillery;
  4. Take long-range combat to the avenues, take cover on the intersections to reload;
  5. Beacons B and located on the overpass ruins can double as sniping positions.

Top view.

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