Shenzhen map is based on the center of the real-world city of Shenzhen in China.

The map is full of civilian and high-rise buildings; they provide a good cover but make capturing the beacons more difficult. Besides that it contains a lot of potential spots for jump-capable robots to gain higher ground.

The teams start battle at the opposite corners of the screen. There are two beacons located near the each landing site, and one at the center of the map. This all-important beacon E typically becomes the epicenter of actions on the map. On one hand, it is the most easily reachable, only surrounded by short buildings—but at the same time it’s always the most heavily guarded beacon on the map.

  1. Robots equipped with short and medium range weapons will definitely have an edge here;
  2. Use a fast robot to quickly capture beacon E. It will give you some early advantage;
  3. Upon capturing the central beacon, retreat to a nearby cover and hold your position;
  4. Mind your flanks and rear while defending the center—your enemy might sneak in while you’re distracted;
  5. Study the map and use high ground to your advantage.

Top view.

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