What is Au? :robot-au:

Au (gold) is War Robots’ in-game currency used to purchase certain weapons and robots, as well as to speed up upgrades.

How to get Au?

Ways to get Au:

  1. By leveling up: 50 Au
  2. By earning war honors:
    • Medal of Valor, 1st class: 5 Au
    • Medal of Valor, 2nd class — 3 Au
    • Medal of Valor, 3rd class — 1 Au
    • Medal of Capture — 5 Au
  1. For completing Tasks.

You can also purchase Au in the in-game shop.

Additionally, you can earn Au by participating in the various contests and giveaways we are conducting on our social network pages. Their links can be found at the top of the page. Subscribe, participate, and win!

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