Beacon guide

Beacons are the designated map spots that either team can capture. Each map contains 5 beacons denoted by letters A to E. A beacon captured by your team is colored blue, and beacons captured by enemies are red.

The time it takes to capture a neutral beacon using a single robot is 5 seconds.

The time it takes to capture an enemy beacon using a single robot is 10 seconds.

Every capture yields a guaranteed 5000 Ag at the end of the battle.

The player who captures the most beacons during a battle and leads their team to victory is additionally rewarded by 5 Au. If two or more members of the winning team captured an equal amount of beacons, this prize will be awarded to one of them randomly.


  • A capture can not proceed (and will pause) when there are members of opposing teams near the same beacon.
  • If there are two or more robots of the same team trying to capture a beacon, the rate of capture increases, and the corresponding prize will be awarded to all the players participating in that capture in case it ends up successful.

The more beacons a team captures, the faster the enemy’s dominance bar depletesthe dominance bars are seen here — blue for your team, and red for your enemies.

When a team’s dominance bar depletes fully, it is considered as a loss.

In the vast majority of cases holding three or more beacons is enough to ensure victory, as the enemy’s dominance bar will deplete sooner, leaving victory to yours.

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