Springfield is a map depicting hilled terrain divided in two by a dried-up riverbed. This map’s beacons are well-fortified and require effort to capture.

As of this moment, Springfield is the only map with three different possible respawn setups for each team, so the choice of tactics here depends mainly on the resulting spawn points.


  1. The size of this map gives advantage to any team able to capture a beacon far enough from the main skirmish points;
  2. The center of the map is devoid of potential covers, so using a shield might be a good idea;
  3. Long-range weaponry is effective on this map;
  4. One of the effective ways to play this map is to split in three groups; two groups attack in front, the third supports them with long-range fire;
  5. Study the map layout to find the most lucrative spots to capture and defend beacons from.

Top view.

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