Dream Squad, Influence & Invitees

Dream Squad.

All Pilots with a connected Facebook account get an additional daily task "Dream Squad".

Dream Squad is a special type of daily tasks and a way to earn Influence;


New weapons and robots can be purchased with Influence  points.
  • Complete the task by selecting 5 friends yet to become War Robots Pilots;


  • Publish this post, and the task is accomplished;


  • Your friends will receive the robots assigned to them when they start playing;
Choice of robots appearing in Dream Squad task is random.


Influence and invitees. 

Complete list of players you invited to War Robots via your link can be seen in "Refer-a-Friend" tab.

Find "Refer-a-Friend" tab in game menu.


  • For every friend of yours that connects their Facebook account to War Robots and reaches player level 5 via your Dream Squad invitation you get 600;


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