How to start streaming on MobCrush

If you ever wanted to become a streamer, now it might be the best time to start.

The easiest way to do so is by using Mobcrush app. Mobcrush is a broadcasting platform similar to Twitch, Hitbox or Youtube gaming, but made for mobile games. It doesn't require you to go full tech-shaman to make the stream running — you just turn the application on, write down some info to help people find you and then start playing.

Here we will cover all you need to know to become a good Mobcrush streamer:

  • How to start streaming on Android and iOS
  • Which broadcast settings might be helpful for you
  • What can you do to make your stream even more popular

If you haven't found the answer to your question in this guide, check the official Mobcrush FAQ

Download Mobcrush broadcast apps for Android/iOS


How to stream on Android

Streaming from Android is easy, since all you need is your phone/tablet and stable internet connection. Mobcrush has officially supported devices listed on its website, but even if your phone or tablet is not included to the list, it might still suit well if it has similar hardware. 

First and foremost, install the Mobcrush app. Here's how it looks in Google Play:

Once you open the app, you will see the list of active broadcasters. Feel free to fiddle around to get a better grasp with the interface. When you will be ready to go live, press the blue camera icon on the bottom right corner. Don't worry, stream won't get started yet, there are still some preparations to do. 

Mobcrush app will ask you for a permission to use your phone's frontal camera and microphone along with an access to screen capturing. In order to use full functionality of the app, you'll have to agree.

If you don't want to be seen or heard on stream, you can turn your microphone and/or facecam off any time you want during the broadcast. 

Last thing you do before finally going live — tuning the broadcast settings. If Mobcrush app is running at background, you will always see its icon hovering on your screen. Press it and your broadcast options menu will open. Here it is:

Keep in mind: after you go live, Mobcrush streaming app will capture everything that happens on your screen, including your Home screen, push notifications and so on and so forth. So if you don't want your viewers to see something in particular, make sure to turn it off and use Privacy Mode when needed (see "Stream Controls").

Recommendations for broadcast settings
  • If you stream War Robots, in Game field you obviously enter "War Robots", so your stream is seen in the relevant category of Mobcrush catalogue. Don't expect any WR fans to find you among the plethora of Super Fun Adventures of John The Living Dead Pancake broadcasts
  • For broadcast title choose something descriptive, just so your viewers know what to expect from you. Are you a top tier player and can give a good gameplay advice to your viewers? Do you show cool tricks on some particular robot/weapon build? Maybe you are just super good at telling anecdotes? Promote it as your feature! But keep the title short. Mobcrush tends to shorten broadcast names that are too long, so the briefer it is the more people will see the complete version of it.  
  • Bitrate is better set to Auto for most of the times. But if you experience any issues with the visual quality of your stream, you may experiment with lower of higher settings.
  • If you tend to go a bit NSFW from time to time, check the Broadcast contains mature content option. But make sure that you follow Mobcrush Community Guidelines so you don't get punished for acting way too audacious on stream. 


What's next?

Right after you're done with the settings, you can press "Start your broadcast" to finally go live. After that you'll see the notification and large red stop button that you can use to stop broadcasting whenever you'll like. 

To close the Mobcrush overlay and start playing, press the big yellow button in the top left corner.

You'll keep seeing the same yellow "M" as your stream is running. Tap it to access the stream settings again. 

As you may have noticed, there are still buttons which functions didn't explain yet. Let's do it now, since these may be very useful as you broadcast.

Stream controls

On Mobcrush overlay, which is accessed by pressing the yellow "M" button, you can see channel chat room and some buttons that let you control the stream functions. Let's go through these briefly.

 Close the overlay — as easy as that.
 Toggle your frontal camera on/off. If you feel shy or don't want your viewers to see your surroundings for any reason, here you can quickly remove your facecam from the screen
 Turn on/off your microphone whenever you'd like to 
 Chat HUD on screen. Use it if you want your viewers to what messages you're reading through right now
This button is super important, as it turns on and off the so called "Privacy mode". Mobcrush streaming app captures everything that happens on your screen. Privacy mode allows you to hide your screen from to, say, answer the message without your viewers seeing it. 
 Expand your facecam to full screen mode. It may be a good idea if you don't play right now and just want to have a talk with your audience.

Moving slightly to the right, there is text field allowing you to send the message to your chat. It is often not needed though, as you may as well speak directly to your audience using your microphone.

In the bottom right corner there are three more buttons.

 turns on a slow mode, which restricts the amount of messages your viewers are allowed to post during some period. It is useful to keep chatrooms that get flooded with messages relatively clear
shows nicknames of your viewers. Here you can access their profiles, get in touch with them, punish for inappropriate behaviour or promote to moderators of your chatroom
brings your broadcast settings to the screen. These we covered before.

One last thing: channel info

The last thing you should set up is your channel description. There you can tell people what your channel is all about and also add some contact information if you want to.

You can edit this right on your channel page. Here is a pretty good example:

(links are placeholders, of course)

How to make a good stream? Three simple rules
  • Pick a topic or theme — something that you may be good at, whatever it is. Show how special you are! 
  • Don't be afraid to interact with your viewers. They'd love to be noticed!
  • Find some exact time you go online, maybe even put up a schedule. If your viewers know when to expect your next show, they will likely come back next time!
iOS differences

Streaming from iOS devices is a bit trickier, since you have to connect your device to Mac or Windows PC using the data cable. Additionally, it'll require a Mobcrush client installed not on your iPhone/iPad, but on PC. You can download the last version of it right over here.

Functionality and layout-wise Mobcrush desktop app is very similar to mobile version. But here you can also get a bit more fancy with things like decorative stream overlays, choose the size and placement of your webcam window and use your PC's camera and microphone instead of those that are integrated in the phone. 

Everything else, however, is as simple as with Android: you just login, enter the stream info and then start streaming. 

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